Online Teamevent

Teambuilding with the online event „Zimmer 109“

Who has Stefanie K. on his conscience? Murderous suspense and lots of fun in the home office. Research documents, videos and photos in small teams. Interview witnesses. Live! Which team works best together? Which team can name the perpetrators, motives, evidence and clues at the end? And who is witness Müller’s favourite actress? Find out!


Murder investigation as team event

A criminal case as a „team event“. Everyday life in the homicide department of the criminal police. Here, every cog has to mesh with the others. Can cross-connections be established? How are the witness statements to be evaluated? Have all the facts, however unimportant they may seem, been taken into account? Every single team member is in a position to provide the decisive clue. In the end, only internal discussion leads to the solving of the case.

See you. In Zimmer 109.

The case

In October 2019, businesswoman Stefanie K. was found lifeless in a hotel room. The case could never be solved. Now, however, the victim’s previously missing smartphone has been discovered. It was found in a bush along a federal road more than 200 km away from the crime scene. Research has shown that on the night of the crime there was a fatal car accident at this exact spot.

Is the murder of Stefanie K. connected to the accident? And can the found smartphone help the investigation? Find out.

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Important facts

For groups with 8 to 70 people

Division into smaller teams of 5-8 people each

With at least 4 live actors/witnesses

Language: German or English

Duration: approx. 2:30 hours

Video conferencing tool: Zoom

Prerequisite: stable internet connection, webcam & microphone

Costs: On request

What other investigators say

What other investigators say

„The Room 109 Case“ was a nice mix of independent investigation and live interviews. The actors and the Strassenkrimi-Team made for an exciting, fun and interactive evening. Thank you for a great and entertaining team event!“

A. Latour, Ey Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

„Super fun had, also good playable online!“

M.S., März 2021

„Great change of pace at Lockdown! A bit of a theatre feel with the dedicated live actors! Lovely, would love more of this.“

Susanne W., Februar 2021

„Entertaining and rewarding online game!“

Michael M., Februar 2021

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No, teams of investigators are formed with five to eight people each. These teams then each investigate on their own in their own virtual room. Only the introduction and the resolution at the end are organised together with all participants.

Yes and no. The teams all work on their own. At the end, each team has to fill out a solution sheet. The questions about the perpetrator, the motive and the evidence and clues have to be answered. There is a point system behind the solution sheet. If you want to turn this into a competition for your teams, we’d love to. We are prepared.

No, but we recommend it.

No, Zoom costs you nothing. You can participate without installation via the browser, but we recommend installation. You will receive a link from us that you can then use to log in.

You will need to view PDF documents, photos and videos and listen to audio files. You will receive the links to the documents from us at the beginning of the investigation. First and foremost, you need a browser. Everything can be done with it. You should have knowledge in working several „windows“ (e.g. you have the Zoom video conference running in one window and you are currently reading through a document in another window).

In addition to the research activities (reviewing documents, videos or audio files), you also have to interview „witnesses“ live.

We offer the case „Room 109“ in German and English.